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I want you to close your eyes and focus on that blank board in front of you. If something pops into your head, accept it and move on. Now, breathe. Breath in, breath out. Again. And again, breathe in and out.

Mediation, a helpful focusing tool, and in Japan mediation was done in Zen Gardens, built with pure nature materials. They can be quite calming and peaceful. Zen Gardens also be created by just sand, gravel, and stones. The sand would symbolize water, and stones symbolized clouds or mountains.  An apprentice would rake the sand, creating ripples in the sand, symbolizing flowing water.

In Zen Garden, they often built teahouses, where they drink tea in Tea ceremonies. Inside the Teahouses, everyone who entered by the three-foot tall door was equal, everyone from the Shogun to the Samurai’s. Before entering they left their thing outside, anything that would show authority or power. Inside they were quiet, drinking their tea peacefully.

The Samurai inside a teahouse weren’t allowed to think about the battles or war’s that were happening or happened outside, yet in a battle they often think about their Zen Garden’s. There was once a Samurai who stopped fighting to cut a bamboo which he thought would make a lovely vase for his Garden. These Samurai’s are crazy about how far they would get a vase for their garden!