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Taekwondo, the way of the hand and foot.

When I returned from my trip with my family to Turkey, Italy and Switzerland in 2012, I joined a Taekwondo club at home. So it has been nearly four years when I joined. A close friend of mine told me about before I left and when I returned I asked my parents if I could give it a shot. After talking to the instructor, a friend of my mum, my parents allowed me to join. After a few weeks of training my older brother joined as well.

Three years ago, Joshua and I joined the club for a Taekwondo Championship in Darwin, which is also the closest City to us, about 820 km (510 miles) away. At this Darwin Taekwondo Championship, Josh and me sparred Darwin’s club members, both of us winning a silver medal. The Second year we went back, Josh wining a second silver medal and I won an achievement award. And finally, the 2015 Northern Territory Taekwondo Championships was last Saturday, the 8th of August.

So, on last Friday dad flew me and Josh up to Darwin, which we did each year and the other’s from the club drove. The flight took 1 hour and fifty two minuets, a few hours ahead of the others so we went to the movies and watched Ant-man. I enjoyed watching the new Marvel movie, the whole story plot and the animation was VERY good. I liked how they showed the world as an ant-size figure and how he fought…


Sorry! Won’t say anything more about the movie!!

Anyway, after the movies we went to our hotel and rested. For Friday’s dinner we got some pizza from Domino. Four boxes. One each, with extra. There were  some left overs that night so we took them the next day to the Championship for a snack.

Saturday at Seven, we had breakfast at McDonald which was literally right across the road. An hour later we finally got to the school where the Championship was held indoors. The whole Championship took about nine hours maybe? Anyway, when my spar came up, my opponent didn’t turn up so he was forfeited. I then skipped the Semi-Finals and was thrown into the Final division because there weren’t enough people for me to fight who were the same height and wight (That is how they paired us up, by our Height and Wight.)

The day went on, I tried to keep my self warm as the building the Championship took place was kinda cold. Josh on the other hand had no problem to keep himself warm as he moved himself up the ladder and he finally got to the Finals as well as me. Josh’s final spar was three rounds, each round is two minuets long and between each round there was a minuet rest. Normally there would be only two rounds but on his second spar both of them came out tied and went through another round to see who was the winner. Joshua came up top and took the Gold Medal home with him.

My spar finaly came, and after a quick warm up and pep-talk with my coach, a black belt friend I made back in my club, I faced my first real opponent, a Red Belt ( with three strips on his red belt.) I’m a Blue two (which is two strips on my blue belt) and he’s a belt above me and he was good.

In our second round together he did a kick to the head, gaining two points (the referee thought we weren’t allowed us to do head kicks that why he stopped us, yet we told him we were both above the age of 15, the age where we are allowed to do head kicks and he allowed us to do head kick hence forth.) I knew with that two points he just earned might earned him the Gold Medal, so I gave him a series of head kicks, a few of the hitting. Unfortunately, he moved his head slightly while my one of my head kicks was heading towards him and hit him on the lower cheek. We parted as he recovered from the kick, and than we finished the round.

The scores were then announced and I was ahead by three points! 11-8. I won my first Golden Medal, and it was a great spar as well.

On Sunday around Ten thirty, we left Darwin and arrived back home in time to go to our Church’s morning tea. There were Strawberries on the table, a nice reward for our trip to Darwin and Back Again, a Letchford Tale