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are you really going to let fear control your life

I’ve recently discovered that there are two types of fears. Fear is a force inside of us that wants us to be in control of things, like we might fear that the plane we’re on might crash. One of my fears is the fear of the dark, mainly because I don’t know what’s in front of me. We want to be in control and we want to keep ourselves safe from the future.

The first fear is a good fear, which keeps us safe from doing; let’s say just say stupid things such as putting our hand in a mixer. We know it will cut us and hurt us so we keep our hands back. Good fears are supposed to keep us safe and does so even if we don’t realize it. Another part of the Good Fears are knowing what/who to fear, fearing God for example is Good Fear, because that’s where he belongs. If we aren’t afraid of him as God and all-powerful we won’t fully understand him and see how awe-inspiring and all-powerful he is. Fearing the wrong thing can lead to disaster in our life, like fearing we’re going to hurt someone if we’re with them.

The second fear is of course a Bad Fear, which promises to keep you safe but they really ruin your life. It lies to you to make think you’re in control or safe from things you’re afraid of.

A good example of this and how it destroys lives is Elsa from the movie Frozen. She was afraid of herself and hurting someone she love. Her fears lied to her that she would be able to protect the ones she love if she lock herself in her room and close the door to others, not experience their love for her. The movie nearly ended with her fear to protect others was hurting herself and the people she loved.

Love; we learnt in the movie is more powerful then fear. Like the saying says, “Great things comes in small packages” which in this instance it means love can be shown in small ways and in ways that aren’t romantic. Anna showed her love for Elsa by being there outside Elsa’s door for her for years and coming to her when Elsa showed her feelings and telling her everything can be alright. She showed a type of love I don’t believe people see or experience often.

Bad Fear brings pain to others and to ourselves, yet Good fear brings safety and respect. Love brings joy, happiness and family together. We need to know who/what to fear, and that love binds family and friends together.