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My family and I recently watched Inside Out, an newly released Pixar movie about emotions who have… well, feelings. Emotions having Emotions… what’s next! But I’ve found it extremely well made. The story plot and the characters were done to perfection, these Emotions characters live inside a girl’s head whose name is Riley. I also liked how Pixar made memories so important to Riley personalty, showing that emotions and memories make who you are. The whole story plot is quite complex so I won’t go explain the movie, I’ll just introduce the Emotions to you.
Riley’s main emotion she feels is Joy.

I got: Joy! Which Inside Out "Emotion" Do You Channel?The giff above this is the character/Emotion, Joy.Happy, chatty joyful Joy. Ever since Riley was born Joy has always tried to keep Riley happy and joyful and give her lots of happy memories.

The bubbly texture of the characters’ skin cost a fortune to animate. | 19 Super Interesting Facts About Disney's "Inside Out"

The Yellow balls are happy/joyful memories

Now, please welcome…  Sadness. A blue, sad, unsure what to do emotion.

I got: Sadness! Which Inside Out "Emotion" Do You Channel?

She was the second emotion we saw in the beginning of the movie. Since the beginning of the movie Joy was unsure what to do with Sadness because she wants to keep Riley happy, yet the only thing Sadness can do is make her sadness. Through out the movie Joy finds out more about Sadness and how Sadness effects Riley’s happiness and joys.





Boo!! *high pitch scream* …. Meet Fear.Writers originally drew six emotions: the current five, plus “Surprise.” | 19 Super-Interesting Facts About Pixar's "Inside Out"
Fear here is the fellow who keeps Riley safe, from tripping on cords to being afraid of being called to the front of class. Now, Riley’s father Fear Emotion is funny.

High Levels of SASS. - Inside out animated GIF

Riley’s dad Fear










Omg from like every inside out quiz I get anger

Mr head-on-fire is Angry (I think you could guess that.) He does all the angry stuff. He’s angry. He has control over the rude, angry stuff..

Pixar-Inside-Out | Tumblr

Now this is Disgust, she’s the one who keeps Riley from being poisoned, both physically and socially.I Love Disgust! XD


Now that you’ve met the characters I would like to show you the reason I like the movie so much. The reason I like this movie was because there never been anything like it. Not what I’ve seen before. Have you heard a story through the eyes of our emotions who live inside you heads? And a lot of people can now see what emotion their going through and already people are using these characters to help kids discuss their emotions.

I’ve really enjoyed watching this movie and I do recommend it for others. I would watch it again and again if I had it… well, Christmas is coming!