According to, Normal is ‘conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.‘ But Normal isn’t always normal for another person. I found this on Pinterest the other day, ‘Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.’

For the spider, catching a fly for food is normal. Yet for the fly, getting caught in a spider’s web is bad. It means the end of their life is near. This I found a very great saying because it tells us that other people will have a different opinion/life/choice then we do.

Example: I wouldn’t invite myself to a friend’s house without checking out if its OK because they might have another commitment. We all have different lives and different life-choices to other people and we need to be considerate their lives and choices.

There is no normal, only what we experience and are comfortable with is our own standardI’ve home-schooled my whole life and never been in an actual class at school. Life at home is friendly and kind. We think of each other a lot, I do chores in the morning (or throughout the morning depending on what job it is) and at night. People say I’m lucky to live in such a family as I do, yet I normally don’t understand how else a family could work. That’s my  normal. I don’t know how another family would be like because I’ve been part of only one family.

Normal is as normal as your experience in life.



On Friday my brother, my dad and I flew up to Darwin for the Northern Territory Taekwondo Championships (Which I will talk about another day) and I had heaps of time to read so I picked up a book I grabbed at the library on Thursday. The book, named iBoy, was written by Kevin Brooks about a sixteen year old boy who was given some cyber powers after an iPhone hit him in the head. There were moments where I found this book fun and laughed at its humor, but near the end when he was heading towards dealing with the big boss the language got really heavy and was used a lot.

Although, from the start, there were things that I felt a bit humphy about, such as how his girlfriend was raped (the book didn’t go into any details at all, just that said she got raped). I kinda got over this because that’s what happens in this world, and they showed how it affected his girlfriend. She was scared to be outside, and she didn’t come outside her house for nearly the whole book.

Anyway, the boy, whose name was Tom Harvey, was hit by an iPhone in the head, cracked his head open wide and he was sent to the hospital. The hospital was unable to get rid of all of the iPhone bits out of Tom’s brain.  He discovered that the bits fused to his brain and his brain evolved, giving him access to the Internet, take photos or videos, hack into any database or phone without physical contact, and make large electricity shocks and also could create an electrical force field around his body. When he found out about his friend getting raped, he secretly heads out to find the people who did it and find the big man, nicked name the Devil.

I found this book, as a Christian, kinda disturbing. With all of the swearing and the constant mentioning of rape and the life in the bad neighborhood, I felt disturbed. I didn’t put the book down because I wanted to get an idea of other writers and at the time I picked the book up off the shelf at the library it seemed interesting. The reasons I don’t recommend it for other readers are:

A. Constant bad language.

B. I didn’t really feel refreshed after I finished reading it.

C. The few mentions of rape and sex (This should be A. but I put it down for third because it wasn’t used a lot-a lot, yet used enough to get near the top.)

D. There were a few things I disagreed with, (he wrote some sayings famous people had said at the beginning of each chapter, which I didn’t really agree with so I just skipped them.)

There are some things I enjoyed in this book, such as:

A. The special humor.

B. The Story Idea (it has a great story idea.)

The thing I picked up from other writers were that description is very handy. I already knew that but I never read such great description before, as he explained what was happening in Tom’s head with i-powers and how Kevin describe such a complex story idea.

So, there are some good and bad things about this book, and it was hard for me to write such a post on such a book. There are things I don’t like and there things I enjoyed about it. It’s hard! But, in my heart, I think that it’s not the greatest book to read, there are better books to read than iBoy.

OK, peps! Blog time! Now, I’ve got a confession to make… I’m in a fandom…The Croods.

yes, that’s right people. A fandom…. a fearful Fandom, yet a friendly Fandom. For the people who don’t know what a fandom is, a fandom is according to the dictionary ‘Devotees and aficionados collectively.’ I don’t know what dictionary the dictionary got that description from but to my understanding its a group of fans and fangirling/fanguying over it.
Believe me… I’m not like this guy.>>> Fangirling in a gif>> yaasssss now look at the gif again that's what I'm doing now

I don’t go crazy. I simply enjoy the whole idea and the stories and how they come together.

The fandom I’m in is called The Big Four, or Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. Its a crossover of four movies, Rise of the Guardians (Jack Frost, Dreamworks), Brave (Merida, Disney), Tangled (Rapunzel, Disney) and How to Train Your Dragon (Hiccup and Toothless, Dreamworks).

the four

Jack Frost, Hiccup, Merida, Rapunzel

There are many stories in this fandom yet most of the stories I’ve read have the Big Four fight Pitch Black, the bad guy from Jack Frost’s movie, Rise of the Guardians. There’s also many trailers and mini comics of them.


old cloths

There’s also a few crossovers from other movies that they injected into the Big Four Fandom.

Avengers/Big Four Crossover

Avengers/Big Four Crossover

Sadly, fandom’s can destroy great movies and the fandom itself. And here comes the Shipping.
I’ve mention shipping before on a previous blog post, which you can find here. Shipping is when two people dates each other or marries each other. Sometimes they are supposed to date/marry each other, such as Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from Tangled (They really do get married in the movie), but sometimes the fans get a this person and that person from the same movie or an entire different movie, and squeeze them together to make a new ship. A great example is Jack and Rapunzel (their ship name is called Jackunzel) or Jack and Elsa from Frozen (Jelsa). They ship Jack Frost  with a few people, I must say.

I don’t support  these ships (OK, maybe Jelsa JUST a LITTLE bit!!) because they ruin the movies, yet I highly support their friendships like Jack Frost and Elsa and Hiccup and Merida’s (and yes, there is a ship for those two called Mericcup.) I think the Four would have great relationships as friends.

Jack and Hiccup

I would think Jack and Hiccup would make great friends

Rapunzel and Merida

Rapunzel and Merida having a girl-thingy… whatever girls call when the have fun together.

The gang together

Group hug, supporting Hiccup after a sad moment.

The four and Whisps

Hiccup (Top Left) Jack Frost (Top Right) Rapunzel (Bottom Left) Merida (Bottom Tight) and Wisps (Righ…. Lef… Everywhere)

I am follower of the Big Four, yet since Frozen came out the fandom has adapted to the new movie. There’s now a fandom were Frozen is now part of the team and now called the Super Six, which I don’t really support. Some fandom’s replaced Rapunzel or Merida with Elsa, which I hate because the team already got a Ice guy and they need an archer and a healer. I mean, Hiccup already lost a leg and what if he loses the other, does he want another peg leg?

insult the metal leg

Anyway, this is the fandom I’m in, and I enjoy the stories people come up and the adventures some of my favorite characters have with each other. Now, don’t insult it. Why??? because….

Can i Shoot her not in public


Over my life time I’ve seen a few amazing things. Recently a friend’s wife just gave birth to their first son, I’ve seen amazing sunrises and sunsets. I’ve seen kids getting taller (me included which is amazing since I’ve been short my entire life) and I’ve also seen amazing nature praising the handiwork of God. Yet one of my favourite times to see God’s handiwork is when I see an eclipse. I’ve seen a few small ones yet a few months ago I saw a Blood Moon.

An eclipse is Earth’s shadow crossing the moon, and it happens when the earth is directly behind the sun and the moon is behind the earth. Try to picture yourself standing in front of a large lamp and the light is bending around you, casting a shadow at your feet. It is like that, the sun’s light is being bent around the earth and casting a shadow on the moon.

Talking about Earth’s shadow, there are three types of shadows that the earth makes.

  • Penumbra and Umbra. Penumbra shadow makes the moon slightly darker than usual, yet a;
  • Umbra, now that’s when a real eclipse begins! The moon looks reddish or orange-ish in a Penumbra lunar eclipse.

The third shadow is called an Antumbra, which is a scary scene where the moon is between the sun and the earth. It is only visible in a small strip of the earth. The scene is terrifying as the sun is bigger than the moon it seems to grow out around the moon, making sun look like a giant ring because the moon is blackened, because the moon face that’s facing the earth is a shadow.

For an eclipse to work the sun, the earth and the moon needs to be in a rough straight line. If it isn’t the earth will only cover a bit of the moon, which is called a penumbral lunar eclipse. The moon also needs to be a full moon for it to work.

I am amazed at God’s wondrous work, the moon and eclipses are truly a marvel. I’ve learnt a lot just writing this blog post. I hope you enjoy it.

moon-walk-60616_1280 Flying was always a dream, yet space travel was fantasy and walking on the moon was no doubt unthinkable. There is no doubt there were hundreds of people who looked up at the night sky and thought; “Traveling to the moon is impossible.” Yet, there were a few people who thought; “Walking on the moon is possible.” These were the futuristic people, people who looked to the future and had faith in what was impossible, was possible. These impossible dreams to walk on the moon were spoken for years, hundreds of tests and failures until a German man sent a small rocket up to outer space in June 1944, which was a wake up call for humanity. If space travel was possible, could walking on the moon possible?

Twenty-five years later in 1969, July 20th the first men landed on the moon on the Lunar Module, Apollo 11. Inside the Lunar Module were Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. and above them in the Command Module, Columbia, Michael Collins awaited for their return after 21 hours on the moon. Neil was the first to exit the Lunar Module, and as soon as his left foot touched the surface of the untouched moon, Neil said “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” although the ‘a’ was misheard over the transmission.

This ‘Giant leap’ sent the human minds high up to stars.  Since Neil and Buzz’s landing, others have tried landing on the moon – with a few being successful. Yet now, men are looking further out than ever before, and now NASA are planning to send the first humans to Mars sometime in the 2030s. For years, they’ve studied and sent robotic machines to this distant planet and soon, they say,  humans will be able to live on a neighbor planet. So, what do you think? Is it fantasy dream? or an impossible idea? or is it futuristic plan, allowing humans to leap even further into the future?

MineMining is one of Minecraft wonders. Being able to mine and collect different ores makes you feel like you’re actually trying to survive in a world. With different ores you’re able to upgrade you tools and weapons and even create armor with Iron, Gold or Diamond.

To mine you will need a pickaxe to cut through stone and collect Cobblestone (after you break a regular stone it will turn into a Cobblestone, something you will want for building and making tools,) Iron, Gold, Diamonds and other ores. Remember, only an Iron Pickaxe can collect Gold and Diamond Ores, and only a Stone Pickaxe can get Iron Ore. Coal can be collected by using any sort of Pickaxe.


Throw the Ore into the Furnace to melt into a Ingot

Once you collected an ore block you must throw it into the furnace to melt, and then you will be able to use the ingot to craft things yet with diamonds you don’t need to throw it into the furnace as it drops as an ingot automatically.

Iron is the most used ingot, it is stronger than stone and wood and if it is crafted into a tool or weapon it can last longer too. Diamond though is the strongest out of all ores and it is highly prized. These ingots can then be formed into armor, tools and weapons.

Stone Spade

Spade (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Stone pickaxe

Pickaxe (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Stone Sword

Sword (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Stone Hoe

Hoe (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Stone Axe

Axe (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Iron Chestplate

Armor Chestplate (Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Iron Helmet

Armor Helmet (Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Iron leggings

Armor Leggings (Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Iron Boots

Armor Boots (Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

In the real world gold is pretty strong, and in Minecraft it is the fourth strongest yet really it is REALLY bad. It doesn’t last as long yet does do a bit more damage than iron (I just use gold to create Power tracks and Golden Apples.) Some can be crafted into other things yet I won’t go there.

Now, for techniques:  I’ve read a lot on how to play Minecraft and done a lot of it myself, and I found that 10-17 above bedrock (the rock that layers bottom of the world) is a Goldmine for ores such as gold, iron and diamonds. If you dig down to layer 10 and then dig straight up as far as you can dig, you will make a mine that’s seven blocks high.


Seven Block High Mine Shaft

This technique will allow you to harvest a lot more ore then making a two block mine. This technique was introduced to me by a friend of mine who’s is quite good at mining.

Another technique was something my brother figured out. If you make mine and then come back and dig every third block on the wall you will be able to collect anything in a five block radius.

Third Block shaft

Dig every third block to widen your search

If you come across anything using this technique you would mine towards it and mine it out.

Putting up torches is REALLY important as it keeps the place lit and keeps Mobs from spawning in your mine yet you can also use it as a guide. If you always place it to the right side of the wall, when you’re trying to exit the mine, follow the torches on your left. Or it could be the other way round.

A trick to learn how deep you are, press F3 which opens a confusing bunch of words up on the top of the screen. In the later versions, the main thing you want to look at is on the left of the screen, second section.


F3, Second Section

It will say XYZ, Block, Chunk, Facing, Biome, Light and Local Difficulty. The X-Z are your location, which will be helpful if you want to travel somewhere and you only have these numbers. The Y though is your height, how high you are above Bedrock, a special tool for miners. I don’t know what Block, Chunk and Local Difficulty means, yet the Facing, Biome and Light I do know, so I’ll focus on them next.

Facing is the direction you are facing, such as North, East, South and West.

Biome is the area you are in at the moment, such as you’re in a Plain, or Mountains.

Light tells you how much light there is around you, a key for farming (You need a lot of light to grow stuff); this is helpful if you’re planning to farm underground. The more Light underground the more you’re able to grow food underground.

I hope this was helpful to all those who are trying out Minecraft, or to those who just want to be better at it. This is my last Minecraft Sunday post – I will choose another subject for another five Sundays. Who knows, it might be on Minecraft again sometime in the future.

I was on Pinterest today and I saw this pin.

And under it, the pinner commented on the previous pinner comment. “Whooops! ~ This is why I imagine them being best friends. (that’s was the first pinner, and then this is what the next pinner said >) <<<<<<<<<FRIENDS!? EXCUSE YOU, THEY’RE THE CUTEST COUPLE!<<<<<”

I sighed. I bowed my head, and shook it, sadden. I then clicked the comment section and wrote this;

Have you forgotten that Rapunzel is married to Rider? The reason I dislike ‘Shipping’ is because that if we put them with another person that they aren’t supposed to be, they’re aren’t the characters we first fallen in love with. They’re be our own creation, based on characters from movies we love. if they become that, they’ll lose their spark, their flame, their beings.

 A friendship doesn’t mean that they MUST love each other or its not a relationship at all then. A Friendship is a people we trust and care about. Friends are there for each other, to comfit us or to laugh with, or to protect each other. Friends help friends out. The Strongest Friendships in my book are those.

 Jack and Rapunzel don’t need to be in a loving Relationship, Rapunzel would always be there for Jack along with her childish mind she would NEVER forget him. And Jack would Protect her from people who would like to hurt his friend. As with Hiccup and Merida, the two are strong, they’ll do anything to protect their tribe and each of them would understand what that would be like to go through. They would be able to encourage each other and help each other back up on their feet through hard times.

I believe what I said, and although I don’t always act that way towards my friends I believe that. (P.S. I am a fan of The Big Four, Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, ;D

Friends for ever

Minecraft Sundays: Breeding

Posted: May 23, 2015 in Everything

sheep pen

Last post I focused on basic farming and baking, this time I’m going to show you how to breed animals so you will have a limitless supply of meat and drops as long you keep breeding them.

So what’s the point of breeding? The point of breeding is so you can have a limitless supply of animals, like cows and pigs which you can kill later for food. Some animals gives you other supplies, like cows also gives leather sometimes, chicken gives you feathers, sheep gives you wool (in the older versions sheep will only give you wool yet in newer ones they give you meat as well.)

To breed you need to give them the right feed which allows them to mate. Example: Chicken’s will breed if you feed them seeds. Once you feed them a seed, hearts will float above them. Once you feed another chicken, the pair will come together and spawn a new baby chicken. It takes about twenty minutes for them to grow fully. Yet if you want to breed cows, you will need another type of feed.

 Cows: To breed cows you will need  to grow wheat. When you have wheat, feed it by pressing the right button. Hearts will appear above it and will mate a cow who is ready to mate.

 Chickens:  You breed chickens by feeding them normal seeds.

 Pigs: Pigs breed by eating Carrots.

 Sheep: Like Cows, they respond to Wheat.

 Rabbits: The Rabbits breed like Pigs, with Carrots.

 Horses: Now, horses for the newer version, are the second hardest to breed I find. You need either a golden Apple or a golden Carrot. To get them you need to find a carrot or an apple (which falls from trees after you cut them down) and get golden ingots and surround the Carrot/Apple in the Crafting Table which will produce a Golden Carrot/Apple, which you can feed to a horse (you need two of either to feed two horses.) You can feed them wheat or just plain Carrots/Apples to help them heal from injuries.

 Dogs: Dogs first start off as Wolves, which you can tame into dogs by feeding them bones. After that, any sort of meat will work to breed them (rotten flesh from Zombies works as well, so I normally give them that because I have plenty of that.)

 Cats: To get a cat, you need to find an Ocelot and feed them a raw fish which will turn them into cats. To feed a cat just feed them any type of fish. I don’t really know because I never tamed a Ocelot so read this to get a better understanding on cats;

 Villagers:  Villagers I think are the hardest to breed.  I love villagers; I care for them and protect them all the time. Yet I found that breeding them takes time, more time than others. To make them to ‘willing’ to mate with each other, you trade goods with them or you can drop food at their feet so they can feed others (to drop something you press Q.) The Villagers need direct sight of the sky above them and also how many doors in the village depends on if they will breed. According to Minecraft Wiki ‘Villagers will mate depending on the number of valid doors. Villagers will then mate until the number of adult villagers equals or is more than 35% of the number of doors.’ ( , Section Breeding.)

So, you know how to breed now. Hopefully this was helpful for you. The next post will be on mining.

OK, sorry that this post came out so late. I’ve just been painting my bedroom a new colour and I’ve been tired. So, here it is.

You’ve survived your first few nights (you probably got killed a few times, right?) by now you should be REALLY hungry for knowledge… and knowledge to feed yourself in the game.

Feeding yourself is a normal thing to do in games (to my surprise you can do it in real life as well!!! *jaw drops*) and yet for the first few MONTHS I lived off cooked meat.  You can get meat off pigs (pork), cows (stake), chickens (chicken) and in the later versions, sheep and rabbits and simply throw the raw food into a furnace.

Yet, some players, they find they hate killing innocent animals who did nothing wrong. Also finding eatable animals is sometimes hard because they don’t spawn near you. So you have feed yourself another way. Farming.

Now farming, has been in my family’s line for work for nearly five generations while living in Australia. My family has grown sorghum and wheat  alongside with cattle, yet in Minecraft it’s a lot easier to farm. All you have to do is create a hoe, gather seeds and simply hoe a block of grass and place a seed into the ground. My ancestors are rolling their graves, crying out in envy! It’s easy. Although it takes some time for it to grow.







Wheat (the green stars are Bonemeal at work)


Sugar Cane

To gather seeds you hake at some grass that grow a block or two high, which sometimes drops a single item of seeds which will grow wheat, which is one of the best item to bake with. There are other types of seeds in the game, such as pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, carrots and potatoes (although you don’t need seeds for carrots and potatoes, you just plant the fruit itself into the ground.) Growing pumpkins and watermelon’s needs a clean block beside them so they can grow pumpkin or watermelon block beside the seed itself.


·      Food will grow faster if there’s a torch is placed near the plants, to give off light. It will allow the food to grow throughout the night.

·     Placing a bucket of water every eighth block will make the plants to grow faster.

·                     Using Bonemeal (placing a bone in the crafting tile) on a plant will instantly grow it, although some plants will not respond to it.

·      To grow Sugar Cane you need to place a Cane next to water on either on a block of sand, dirt or grass.


Baking is kinda hard if you don’t have a recipe. To bake some things you will need eggs, so gather up some chickens to collect their eggs.  Unfortunately you can’t make pizza, yet you can make bread, pumpkin pie and cake. Hey, who doesn’t like pies or cake?


Bread Recipe


Pumpkin Pie Recipe



Cake Recipe


Cookie Recipe


If you rather have meat, you can breed more animals to kill later for meat or their other items that they drop. I will be talking about breeding next Sunday.

2015-05-06_06.00.24 So, you have Minecraft and you create a world. You have just stepped into a whole new world, my friend. The sun is just rising up from the east and clouds are moving softly above you. You’ve spawned in a lovely forest. Cow mooed nearby and the green grass is below your cubic toes. The first thing you want to do is to EXPLORE!! “O look!! Cows! O my gosh! Look at this tree! Look at its texture! Look at how the sun is setting! Isn’t it beautiful!! Look at the stars! I think I can see Jupiter! The moon is square! That’s funny! Look, a green creature is walking towards me. It’s so friendly! Why is it hissing? And why is it expanding?” BOOM!!! You’re dead. Good job, you just got kill by a creeper. They’re one of the icons of Minecraft. A green being with four little pig legs and they hiss like deadly-exploding snake. That’s right, they explode. That’s how it killed you. Now, that was very similar to how I started out in my game. I spawned in a forest and near a beach. I just wondered about, trying to understand the laws of the game. Sadly, a day in Minecraft goes only for ten minutes which means that you only have, ten minutes to live before you face you’re first monster. I was killed every one minute while trying to defend myself with my bare hands. Luckily, I had a friend who taught me the basics of building things such as a sword. Yet I died so many times and it was annoying!!! So, what should you do when you first appear in Minecraft? Through many games and experience I’ve learnt the secret to survive your first ten minutes of the day and then living through the night, the monster time. Remember, Left-Mouse-Button is always punching/digging/attacking and the Right-Mouse-Button is doing things such as placing a block down/eating food/opening a chest or a crafting table. First, get wood. Wood is number one for building tools and surviving your first night. Yet sadly, sometimes you spawn in an area where there are no trees whatsoever. If that happens, just pick a random direction and just walk till you find trees. Trees don’t grow in the desert so don’t head towards a desert if possible. Collect around 15 blocks of wood by holding the left-mouse-button. After you get wood, build a shelter. I like to build a simple five by five blocks of living area yet for the first night it might be better if you simply dig a small hole in the ground and cover to top for the night so you can use the wood you collected for tools. While you wait out the night, you can build a Crafting Table by pressing E. On your screen before you is your inventory where you stack up your items/blocks you collect. On the top left is your player, and next to it to the right, is four square tiles and one tile on the right of it. Placing a block of wood in one of the four tiles, in the tile on the far right four planks of wood will appear. Every Block of Wood supplies you with four blocks Planks’. To create a Crafting Table you just place four blocks of planks in the four tiles beside your player. To far right tile a block will appear. You must grab it and placed it in one of the nine tiles at the bottom of your inventory. To place it on the ground just scroll with the middle-mouse-button till you’ve selected the Crafting Table and then right click on the ground. It should appear before you. When you right click it again something similar to your inventory should come up on your screen. Here you create all of the things you need such as sword, pickaxes and axes. Later, you can build doors, pistons and an enchantment table. It’s the number one block you must always have in your home. Tools are very easy to learn to make, yet since you just started you can only have wooden tools because you don’t have any Stone or any ore you can with build a tool with. My experience, if you want to move towards having Stone tools instead of Wooden Tools, the first thing you should make is a shovel and a pickaxe. Shovel away the dirt till you found stone, a grey block. You then use your pickaxe to mine away the stone. When you break the stone with your pickaxe, the stone will turn into cobblestone which you will be able to make stone tools which are the same method as make wooden ones. If you come upon a grey block with black dots mixed around it, you have just found Coal. Coal is fuel you can use in furnace to cook meat or melt ore. Coal is the main item to make torches which when placed onto a wall or the ground it will become a light source, which will allow you see and keep monsters from spawning. After ten minutes of night time, the sun will rise from the east and burn all the monsters (expect Creepers which the sun doesn’t affect so keep an eye out for them, and Spiders don’t burn either but don’t worry about them because they won’t hurt you during the day unless you attacked them yourself). You should go build an axe to chop trees down quicker and gather more wood for a wooden house or tools. If you want you can go down and mine more stone for a stone house or maybe you just want to live under ground, but beware of caves. Caves and the night are Monster friendly so make sure you light you home and caves as you mine. Well done!! You have just survived you first twenty minutes of Minecraft and hopefully you’ll be able to live safely for some time. Next Sunday I will be talking about farming and gathering food. But remember, Minecraft is a game and games are supposed to be fun. So… HAVE FUN!!