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Over my life time I’ve seen a few amazing things. Recently a friend’s wife just gave birth to their first son, I’ve seen amazing sunrises and sunsets. I’ve seen kids getting taller (me included which is amazing since I’ve been short my entire life) and I’ve also seen amazing nature praising the handiwork of God. Yet one of my favourite times to see God’s handiwork is when I see an eclipse. I’ve seen a few small ones yet a few months ago I saw a Blood Moon.

An eclipse is Earth’s shadow crossing the moon, and it happens when the earth is directly behind the sun and the moon is behind the earth. Try to picture yourself standing in front of a large lamp and the light is bending around you, casting a shadow at your feet. It is like that, the sun’s light is being bent around the earth and casting a shadow on the moon.

Talking about Earth’s shadow, there are three types of shadows that the earth makes.

  • Penumbra and Umbra. Penumbra shadow makes the moon slightly darker than usual, yet a;
  • Umbra, now that’s when a real eclipse begins! The moon looks reddish or orange-ish in a Penumbra lunar eclipse.

The third shadow is called an Antumbra, which is a scary scene where the moon is between the sun and the earth. It is only visible in a small strip of the earth. The scene is terrifying as the sun is bigger than the moon it seems to grow out around the moon, making sun look like a giant ring because the moon is blackened, because the moon face that’s facing the earth is a shadow.

For an eclipse to work the sun, the earth and the moon needs to be in a rough straight line. If it isn’t the earth will only cover a bit of the moon, which is called a penumbral lunar eclipse. The moon also needs to be a full moon for it to work.

I am amazed at God’s wondrous work, the moon and eclipses are truly a marvel. I’ve learnt a lot just writing this blog post. I hope you enjoy it.


moon-walk-60616_1280 Flying was always a dream, yet space travel was fantasy and walking on the moon was no doubt unthinkable. There is no doubt there were hundreds of people who looked up at the night sky and thought; “Traveling to the moon is impossible.” Yet, there were a few people who thought; “Walking on the moon is possible.” These were the futuristic people, people who looked to the future and had faith in what was impossible, was possible. These impossible dreams to walk on the moon were spoken for years, hundreds of tests and failures until a German man sent a small rocket up to outer space in June 1944, which was a wake up call for humanity. If space travel was possible, could walking on the moon possible?

Twenty-five years later in 1969, July 20th the first men landed on the moon on the Lunar Module, Apollo 11. Inside the Lunar Module were Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. and above them in the Command Module, Columbia, Michael Collins awaited for their return after 21 hours on the moon. Neil was the first to exit the Lunar Module, and as soon as his left foot touched the surface of the untouched moon, Neil said “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” although the ‘a’ was misheard over the transmission.

This ‘Giant leap’ sent the human minds high up to stars.  Since Neil and Buzz’s landing, others have tried landing on the moon – with a few being successful. Yet now, men are looking further out than ever before, and now NASA are planning to send the first humans to Mars sometime in the 2030s. For years, they’ve studied and sent robotic machines to this distant planet and soon, they say,  humans will be able to live on a neighbor planet. So, what do you think? Is it fantasy dream? or an impossible idea? or is it futuristic plan, allowing humans to leap even further into the future?