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OK, peps! Blog time! Now, I’ve got a confession to make… I’m in a fandom…The Croods.

yes, that’s right people. A fandom…. a fearful Fandom, yet a friendly Fandom. For the people who don’t know what a fandom is, a fandom is according to the dictionary ‘Devotees and aficionados collectively.’ I don’t know what dictionary the dictionary got that description from but to my understanding its a group of fans and fangirling/fanguying over it.
Believe me… I’m not like this guy.>>> Fangirling in a gif>> yaasssss now look at the gif again that's what I'm doing now

I don’t go crazy. I simply enjoy the whole idea and the stories and how they come together.

The fandom I’m in is called The Big Four, or Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. Its a crossover of four movies, Rise of the Guardians (Jack Frost, Dreamworks), Brave (Merida, Disney), Tangled (Rapunzel, Disney) and How to Train Your Dragon (Hiccup and Toothless, Dreamworks).

the four

Jack Frost, Hiccup, Merida, Rapunzel

There are many stories in this fandom yet most of the stories I’ve read have the Big Four fight Pitch Black, the bad guy from Jack Frost’s movie, Rise of the Guardians. There’s also many trailers and mini comics of them.


old cloths

There’s also a few crossovers from other movies that they injected into the Big Four Fandom.

Avengers/Big Four Crossover

Avengers/Big Four Crossover

Sadly, fandom’s can destroy great movies and the fandom itself. And here comes the Shipping.
I’ve mention shipping before on a previous blog post, which you can find here. Shipping is when two people dates each other or marries each other. Sometimes they are supposed to date/marry each other, such as Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from Tangled (They really do get married in the movie), but sometimes the fans get a this person and that person from the same movie or an entire different movie, and squeeze them together to make a new ship. A great example is Jack and Rapunzel (their ship name is called Jackunzel) or Jack and Elsa from Frozen (Jelsa). They ship Jack Frost  with a few people, I must say.

I don’t support  these ships (OK, maybe Jelsa JUST a LITTLE bit!!) because they ruin the movies, yet I highly support their friendships like Jack Frost and Elsa and Hiccup and Merida’s (and yes, there is a ship for those two called Mericcup.) I think the Four would have great relationships as friends.

Jack and Hiccup

I would think Jack and Hiccup would make great friends

Rapunzel and Merida

Rapunzel and Merida having a girl-thingy… whatever girls call when the have fun together.

The gang together

Group hug, supporting Hiccup after a sad moment.

The four and Whisps

Hiccup (Top Left) Jack Frost (Top Right) Rapunzel (Bottom Left) Merida (Bottom Tight) and Wisps (Righ…. Lef… Everywhere)

I am follower of the Big Four, yet since Frozen came out the fandom has adapted to the new movie. There’s now a fandom were Frozen is now part of the team and now called the Super Six, which I don’t really support. Some fandom’s replaced Rapunzel or Merida with Elsa, which I hate because the team already got a Ice guy and they need an archer and a healer. I mean, Hiccup already lost a leg and what if he loses the other, does he want another peg leg?

insult the metal leg

Anyway, this is the fandom I’m in, and I enjoy the stories people come up and the adventures some of my favorite characters have with each other. Now, don’t insult it. Why??? because….

Can i Shoot her not in public