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MineMining is one of Minecraft wonders. Being able to mine and collect different ores makes you feel like you’re actually trying to survive in a world. With different ores you’re able to upgrade you tools and weapons and even create armor with Iron, Gold or Diamond.

To mine you will need a pickaxe to cut through stone and collect Cobblestone (after you break a regular stone it will turn into a Cobblestone, something you will want for building and making tools,) Iron, Gold, Diamonds and other ores. Remember, only an Iron Pickaxe can collect Gold and Diamond Ores, and only a Stone Pickaxe can get Iron Ore. Coal can be collected by using any sort of Pickaxe.


Throw the Ore into the Furnace to melt into a Ingot

Once you collected an ore block you must throw it into the furnace to melt, and then you will be able to use the ingot to craft things yet with diamonds you don’t need to throw it into the furnace as it drops as an ingot automatically.

Iron is the most used ingot, it is stronger than stone and wood and if it is crafted into a tool or weapon it can last longer too. Diamond though is the strongest out of all ores and it is highly prized. These ingots can then be formed into armor, tools and weapons.

Stone Spade

Spade (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Stone pickaxe

Pickaxe (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Stone Sword

Sword (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Stone Hoe

Hoe (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Stone Axe

Axe (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Iron Chestplate

Armor Chestplate (Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Iron Helmet

Armor Helmet (Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Iron leggings

Armor Leggings (Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

Iron Boots

Armor Boots (Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond)

In the real world gold is pretty strong, and in Minecraft it is the fourth strongest yet really it is REALLY bad. It doesn’t last as long yet does do a bit more damage than iron (I just use gold to create Power tracks and Golden Apples.) Some can be crafted into other things yet I won’t go there.

Now, for techniques:  I’ve read a lot on how to play Minecraft and done a lot of it myself, and I found that 10-17 above bedrock (the rock that layers bottom of the world) is a Goldmine for ores such as gold, iron and diamonds. If you dig down to layer 10 and then dig straight up as far as you can dig, you will make a mine that’s seven blocks high.


Seven Block High Mine Shaft

This technique will allow you to harvest a lot more ore then making a two block mine. This technique was introduced to me by a friend of mine who’s is quite good at mining.

Another technique was something my brother figured out. If you make mine and then come back and dig every third block on the wall you will be able to collect anything in a five block radius.

Third Block shaft

Dig every third block to widen your search

If you come across anything using this technique you would mine towards it and mine it out.

Putting up torches is REALLY important as it keeps the place lit and keeps Mobs from spawning in your mine yet you can also use it as a guide. If you always place it to the right side of the wall, when you’re trying to exit the mine, follow the torches on your left. Or it could be the other way round.

A trick to learn how deep you are, press F3 which opens a confusing bunch of words up on the top of the screen. In the later versions, the main thing you want to look at is on the left of the screen, second section.


F3, Second Section

It will say XYZ, Block, Chunk, Facing, Biome, Light and Local Difficulty. The X-Z are your location, which will be helpful if you want to travel somewhere and you only have these numbers. The Y though is your height, how high you are above Bedrock, a special tool for miners. I don’t know what Block, Chunk and Local Difficulty means, yet the Facing, Biome and Light I do know, so I’ll focus on them next.

Facing is the direction you are facing, such as North, East, South and West.

Biome is the area you are in at the moment, such as you’re in a Plain, or Mountains.

Light tells you how much light there is around you, a key for farming (You need a lot of light to grow stuff); this is helpful if you’re planning to farm underground. The more Light underground the more you’re able to grow food underground.

I hope this was helpful to all those who are trying out Minecraft, or to those who just want to be better at it. This is my last Minecraft Sunday post – I will choose another subject for another five Sundays. Who knows, it might be on Minecraft again sometime in the future.


OK, sorry that this post came out so late. I’ve just been painting my bedroom a new colour and I’ve been tired. So, here it is.

You’ve survived your first few nights (you probably got killed a few times, right?) by now you should be REALLY hungry for knowledge… and knowledge to feed yourself in the game.

Feeding yourself is a normal thing to do in games (to my surprise you can do it in real life as well!!! *jaw drops*) and yet for the first few MONTHS I lived off cooked meat.  You can get meat off pigs (pork), cows (stake), chickens (chicken) and in the later versions, sheep and rabbits and simply throw the raw food into a furnace.

Yet, some players, they find they hate killing innocent animals who did nothing wrong. Also finding eatable animals is sometimes hard because they don’t spawn near you. So you have feed yourself another way. Farming.

Now farming, has been in my family’s line for work for nearly five generations while living in Australia. My family has grown sorghum and wheat  alongside with cattle, yet in Minecraft it’s a lot easier to farm. All you have to do is create a hoe, gather seeds and simply hoe a block of grass and place a seed into the ground. My ancestors are rolling their graves, crying out in envy! It’s easy. Although it takes some time for it to grow.







Wheat (the green stars are Bonemeal at work)


Sugar Cane

To gather seeds you hake at some grass that grow a block or two high, which sometimes drops a single item of seeds which will grow wheat, which is one of the best item to bake with. There are other types of seeds in the game, such as pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, carrots and potatoes (although you don’t need seeds for carrots and potatoes, you just plant the fruit itself into the ground.) Growing pumpkins and watermelon’s needs a clean block beside them so they can grow pumpkin or watermelon block beside the seed itself.


·      Food will grow faster if there’s a torch is placed near the plants, to give off light. It will allow the food to grow throughout the night.

·     Placing a bucket of water every eighth block will make the plants to grow faster.

·                     Using Bonemeal (placing a bone in the crafting tile) on a plant will instantly grow it, although some plants will not respond to it.

·      To grow Sugar Cane you need to place a Cane next to water on either on a block of sand, dirt or grass.


Baking is kinda hard if you don’t have a recipe. To bake some things you will need eggs, so gather up some chickens to collect their eggs.  Unfortunately you can’t make pizza, yet you can make bread, pumpkin pie and cake. Hey, who doesn’t like pies or cake?


Bread Recipe


Pumpkin Pie Recipe



Cake Recipe


Cookie Recipe


If you rather have meat, you can breed more animals to kill later for meat or their other items that they drop. I will be talking about breeding next Sunday.

2015-05-06_06.00.24 So, you have Minecraft and you create a world. You have just stepped into a whole new world, my friend. The sun is just rising up from the east and clouds are moving softly above you. You’ve spawned in a lovely forest. Cow mooed nearby and the green grass is below your cubic toes. The first thing you want to do is to EXPLORE!! “O look!! Cows! O my gosh! Look at this tree! Look at its texture! Look at how the sun is setting! Isn’t it beautiful!! Look at the stars! I think I can see Jupiter! The moon is square! That’s funny! Look, a green creature is walking towards me. It’s so friendly! Why is it hissing? And why is it expanding?” BOOM!!! You’re dead. Good job, you just got kill by a creeper. They’re one of the icons of Minecraft. A green being with four little pig legs and they hiss like deadly-exploding snake. That’s right, they explode. That’s how it killed you. Now, that was very similar to how I started out in my game. I spawned in a forest and near a beach. I just wondered about, trying to understand the laws of the game. Sadly, a day in Minecraft goes only for ten minutes which means that you only have, ten minutes to live before you face you’re first monster. I was killed every one minute while trying to defend myself with my bare hands. Luckily, I had a friend who taught me the basics of building things such as a sword. Yet I died so many times and it was annoying!!! So, what should you do when you first appear in Minecraft? Through many games and experience I’ve learnt the secret to survive your first ten minutes of the day and then living through the night, the monster time. Remember, Left-Mouse-Button is always punching/digging/attacking and the Right-Mouse-Button is doing things such as placing a block down/eating food/opening a chest or a crafting table. First, get wood. Wood is number one for building tools and surviving your first night. Yet sadly, sometimes you spawn in an area where there are no trees whatsoever. If that happens, just pick a random direction and just walk till you find trees. Trees don’t grow in the desert so don’t head towards a desert if possible. Collect around 15 blocks of wood by holding the left-mouse-button. After you get wood, build a shelter. I like to build a simple five by five blocks of living area yet for the first night it might be better if you simply dig a small hole in the ground and cover to top for the night so you can use the wood you collected for tools. While you wait out the night, you can build a Crafting Table by pressing E. On your screen before you is your inventory where you stack up your items/blocks you collect. On the top left is your player, and next to it to the right, is four square tiles and one tile on the right of it. Placing a block of wood in one of the four tiles, in the tile on the far right four planks of wood will appear. Every Block of Wood supplies you with four blocks Planks’. To create a Crafting Table you just place four blocks of planks in the four tiles beside your player. To far right tile a block will appear. You must grab it and placed it in one of the nine tiles at the bottom of your inventory. To place it on the ground just scroll with the middle-mouse-button till you’ve selected the Crafting Table and then right click on the ground. It should appear before you. When you right click it again something similar to your inventory should come up on your screen. Here you create all of the things you need such as sword, pickaxes and axes. Later, you can build doors, pistons and an enchantment table. It’s the number one block you must always have in your home. Tools are very easy to learn to make, yet since you just started you can only have wooden tools because you don’t have any Stone or any ore you can with build a tool with. My experience, if you want to move towards having Stone tools instead of Wooden Tools, the first thing you should make is a shovel and a pickaxe. Shovel away the dirt till you found stone, a grey block. You then use your pickaxe to mine away the stone. When you break the stone with your pickaxe, the stone will turn into cobblestone which you will be able to make stone tools which are the same method as make wooden ones. If you come upon a grey block with black dots mixed around it, you have just found Coal. Coal is fuel you can use in furnace to cook meat or melt ore. Coal is the main item to make torches which when placed onto a wall or the ground it will become a light source, which will allow you see and keep monsters from spawning. After ten minutes of night time, the sun will rise from the east and burn all the monsters (expect Creepers which the sun doesn’t affect so keep an eye out for them, and Spiders don’t burn either but don’t worry about them because they won’t hurt you during the day unless you attacked them yourself). You should go build an axe to chop trees down quicker and gather more wood for a wooden house or tools. If you want you can go down and mine more stone for a stone house or maybe you just want to live under ground, but beware of caves. Caves and the night are Monster friendly so make sure you light you home and caves as you mine. Well done!! You have just survived you first twenty minutes of Minecraft and hopefully you’ll be able to live safely for some time. Next Sunday I will be talking about farming and gathering food. But remember, Minecraft is a game and games are supposed to be fun. So… HAVE FUN!!


My Village That I’m Protecting In My Game

Minecraft. What a game. But many people have asked me, mostly adults, whose kids have been asking to play it; ‘What is Minecraft? Is it safe? Is there any violence?’ and so on and so on. So, what is Minecraft?

Minecraft is, according to Wikipedia, ‘…an open world game that has no specific goals for the player to accomplish, allowing players a large amount of freedom in choosing how to play the game. However, there is an achievement system.  Gameplay by default is first person, but players have the option to play in third person mode. The core gameplay revolves around breaking and placing blocks. The game world is composed of rough 3D objects—mainly cubes—arranged in a fixed grid pattern and representing different materials, such as dirt, stone, various ores, water, and tree trunks. While players can move freely across the world, objects can only be placed at fixed locations on the grid. Players can gather these material blocks and place them elsewhere, thus allowing for various constructions.’ ( , Gameplay)

In my summary, Minecraft is an adventure, where you survive in a world of danger, as you construct buildings, farming, animal breeding and trading with Villagers. The list goes on and on. At night, monsters come out of hiding and whenever they see you they try to kill you. Yet whenever you die by monsters or by natural causes, you re-spawn (re-spawn is the word gamers use when you come back to life).

Minecraft isn’t just for kids. Oh no! Mature adults play it as well.


The Ender Dragon

You might be saying, “What’s the point of playing Minecraft?” It depends on how you play. You could be a builder, building a castle and then moving on to build a Skyscraper. You could be a simple farmer having a peaceful life growing crops and breeding animals. A Warrior, a player that seeks out the monsters and even dare to face the greatest monster, The Ender Dragon.
A Protector, a player who protects the Non-Playable Characters (NPC’s) and trades with them.

Mining rare ore and stone, a Miner is the most common player because you need stuff from below the grass to progress in the game. An Explorer, exploring the infinite world around him. Though you may choose one role, you may change as the game goes on, or be them all at once.

So what is the point? Up to you. For me it would be a Builder, Warrior, Protector and sometimes a Miner.

If you don’t want to play with monsters around, you can turn it to Peaceful in the Settings, where there are no monsters whatsoever.  You can turn it on and off throughout the game if you want monster at certain times. There are four difficulties. Peaceful, where there are no monsters in the whole game. Then there’s Easy, Normal and Hard which are pretty easy to understand since Easy is easier than Hard which is harder and Normal is between the two.

Violence is one of the big factors of many of the games that they put up on the shelves. Does Minecraft have any violence? Any blood? No. Sure, whenever you hit a pig it squeals, and a zombie (one of the monsters) moans. But there’s no real violence, yet when you hit a mob (a monster, animal or NPC) they flash red, showing that they’re in pain or that their losing life. That’s one of the MANY reasons I like it. It’s a modern game and yet keeps what you see in terms of violence to a low profile.

Money is central to buying many of our things in this day. Does Minecraft cost anything? Yes. You have to pay around $30.00 on the Minecraft official Website (, and after you have bought it you can get each new version for free, which has updates, bug fixes and new stuff. Yet if you don’t care for the updates and new things that come along with it, you could get the free version. Yet make sure that it’s not pirated and when downloading it that it doesn’t have a virus on it (which is normal practice for being online).

I myself have both, the paid and the free version. It’s good because some of my friends don’t have an account and we can then play together on the free version over the same Network (I’ll explain how to join other people’s worlds in a sec).

Is it safe? Yes, your account doesn’t say anything that you don’t want it to say. And no if you say too much online. If you were to play online it is best to not use your real name. When you make an account, you are able to name your player, and when you do don’t use you’re real name, make up a random name. My player name doesn’t have anything to do with me. I made it up from the names of two of my favourite characters from two different books.


Creepy Creeper

It is also best  to not to mention what school you go to, what you’re parents do for work, your phone number or address, anything from your personal life for your safety. You don’t want creepers stalking you, do you?

But do you have to play online? No. You can play on Single Player where you create your own world and just play. You can also invite friends to come over to your house and play on your Single Player World by using LAN (Local Area Network). To play on LAN you just open the world you want to play in and press Esc on your keypad and open it up to LAN.  The friends’ computers that are joining you must be using the same Network, or Internet source as your hosting computer and they need to be in the same house as you.

Yet you can play online if you want, by joining a server over the internet. A server is a world that someone hosted on their computer and opened it up to the world to play on. To join a server you need an address which you can find online and then go into Multiplayer on the Minecraft’s home screen, clicking ‘add server’ and copy and paste the address into it. Like I said before, DON’T mention anything from your personal life. Yet I think playing with friends or family members is much more fun than playing with some random dude online, plus it’s safer if your kid is young and doesn’t understand the meaning of keeping personal things quiet.

Minecraft is my favourite game, and I must admit it’s kinda of addictive. But hey! It’s better than being a drug addict! 😀

My Minecraft World

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Everything, Minecraft

I had minecraft for about 5 months, and I made a few worlds, but today I am just showing my favorite world.

I have three homes but I am making two new ones. When I started I made my first home in the ground which I had for a long time until I made my tree house home.

My underground home had lots of long, confusing, very confusing tunnels. My tree house had three levels and on the top I had a stair way to other trees. I have small water fall on the side of my tree house which made it easier for me to get up and down.

I had also made a underwater base, which looked like a normal island on a lake, but it has a secret door on top surrounded by trees, and another under water. It is so fun! I made some tunnels from there to my underground city. I found this great place to make a city. It looked like a underground river, with water and larva. It is so cool… except when I fall down and hit the ground and died or fall into the larva and burn to death… that not so cool. This underground city is connected also to my first home. I also made sheep pen to get fur to make beds.

I am now making a castle in the snowy land next a cliff side. It has tall walls, two doors (I am going to change it to iron gates) and I am trying to build dungeons underneath it all. It also going to have a great hall, and hopefully it going to look great!

I am think of make a flying home some were in the jungle made out of cobblestone. My brother likes to build thing with it as well, he is kinder like dwarf, but I am kinder like Hobbit-dwarf-elf type of guy.

Now, you might be think ‘what in the world is minecraft!’ like the comment from Belinda Letchford. She said I should explain what minecraft is. Well minecraft is was made May 17, 2009 for PC. In latter years it was made for other game boxes. It was released in November 18, 2011 as Minecraft 1.0. It was made so people can be creative in their own world with 3D cubes. You  can explore the world around you, you can make heaps of things on, like tree house like I did, or dig tunnals, or make a flying thing, or any things from earth. They also made gigantic statues and buildings too! Minecraft is an game that allow you to do and make anything with cubes.

Here are some photos I took from my homes (I didn’t take any of my underground city or of my tunnels because it would be too many photos).

my first home on minecraft      inside my first home in minecraft tree houseSecond leave tree housefirst leavel to tree housetop leavel of tree houseStairs to other trees from my tree house my under water bass on topunderwater base top doorunderwater base bottom doorunderwater basssheep pen Castle far awayCastle nearCastle insidecastle stairs to wallOn top of castle wall

Well that that!! I hope you will enjoy this!