Funny things I laugh @..

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Everything

We’ve all done things we later realize we did wrong, and sometimes we slap ourselves and sometimes we just look around sheepishly.  We sometimes love to laugh at the things we do incorrectly. So here are things I laugh at and things I do myself (I’m going to have some help with some Gifs which I love)

  1. Singing a song and later found out that I was singing it wrong. Have you ever sung a song and later found out you were singing it wrong. I sure have! My face is usely like: tumblr_mnem18zhtq1reokfao1_500
  2. My own blonde moment. Every single person has their own level of a blonde moment, but we all have it. For myself mine would be when I tipped a container of yogurt over my head to look inside, and then the yogurt spilt all over me. We had our dog like most of it off before I got hosed down.
    A blonde moment could come in different sizes or acts; an example would be something like this >>>  (watch the girl on the far right, although I might say the middle girl is having a stupidity moment as well.)
  3. Best. scares. Ever. We love scaring people, and people love scaring us. I’m easy to scare at times, especially when I’m not expecting it. The best time I ever gotten a fright is when my brother got a Batman mask and grabbed my black cloak and jump up onto a rafter, waiting for me to pass by. When I passed by him, he fell down, scaring the living daylight out of me.
  4. When People get hurt we tend to ‘oooh’ at it and giggle a bit. Example;
  5. When I see a gif that’s so  true.
  6. Or when the gif is just simply too funny!! LOL


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