Ravager’s of Time took the Samurai’s

Posted: November 9, 2015 in My Thoughts and my Reviews on...

martial-arts-291051_1280The Samurai are the Japanese warriors, who were created in the first place to serve the lords  in a time when they couldn’t raise enough warriors by villages. Samurai’s were born into their place as a Samurai, yet the first Samurai’s were all men from the upper classes, all educated in the world . As years passed the Samurai’s became more powerful and after a battle between them one Samurai became shogun, the ruler of Japan yet they kept the Emperor as the figure yet the Shogun held the real power over the small country.

A Samurai lived by a code called Bushido, which makes them live by;

  • Honour
  • Loyalty
  • Benevolence
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Rectitude
  • Courage

Samurai’s were also well educated, also peaceful yet they were also a dangerous. They are like a two face coin, one side peaceful, writing poems and mediating. The other side they held their battle sword, the Katana in hand and beheading their enemies or peasants who offended them.

They were the only people in Japan who were allowed to carry both of their swords, the Katana and their shorter sword the wakizashi in public. They were born into their class, the Samurai’s class and also what daimyo (lord) they serve. As I said before they lived with loyalty, and they were. No amount of money or rice (a form of payment in Japan) could bribe them to serve another daimyo.

Their swords were specially made, by noble, one of the very few trades a noble would do. Their sword was given to them as a baby, and as they grew up they kept that sword and if their sword broke or if they lost it, it would bring great shame to him.  When they died their swords were buried beside them. It makes me think of loyal companion, created to be with them and together they were buried. They were so loyal to them that, their swords killed them so not to bring disgrace upon them rather to let them live in humiliation. Such as sad story.

The Samurai are amazing breed of warriors, their first weapons were the bows and lances and swords and then later became deadly at swords. When guns came to Japan they became excellent shooters, they had three times more marksmen men than the Spanish. They were great warriors for their times yet the ravager’s of time caught up with them and took them into the past, now only a martial art and history of a small country.


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