The Coral Island

Posted: October 28, 2015 in Everything, My Thoughts and my Reviews on...

the coral island

The Coral Island, was written by R.M. Ballantyne for boys who enjoy adventure. He wrote in his preface; “If there is any boy or man who loves to be melancholy and morose, and who cannot enter with kindly sympathy into the regions of fun, let me seriously advise him to shut my book and put it away. It is not meant for him.” Wow, ok… I’ll give it a spin.

The book took some time to finish yet on 26th of October this year I’ve finished it. The book was all about these three boys who were shipped wrecked on an island in the Pacific Ocean where they battled to survive. They battled salvation, sharks, and one of them got captured by pirates.

I found the book interesting and hard at first to start reading because I’ve haven’t really read a book written like that before. It took some time to get it yet I eventually got the hang of it.

The reason’s I enjoyed it was because they spoke on how life was back then, and how the Gospel was slowly reaching the islands where the cannibals lived. Another reason I liked it was because they showed plants that grew on their island and they also showed how they survived. It was very interesting reading it as a writer and I was able to see a few more things for my writings, although it just simply good just to read something in that format of writing.

If you want a book that’s full of adventures this is a good book to read for that.


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