My Thoughts and Review on… Marvel Anime: Iron Man Series

Posted: September 6, 2015 in Everything, Marvel, My Life, My Thoughts and my Reviews on...
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Iron man Series 2I’ve just finished watching the series Marvel Anime: Iron Man, a twelve episode series where Tony Stark (aka… Ok, never mind we all know who he is) is building an Arc Reactor in Japan to supply the world with pure and unlimited free power. From the very beginning Tony had… difficulties. At the beginning we also find out that he was retiring from being Iron Man. He donned the armour back on after his Iron Man replacement’s test-suit started going wild.  Through the series he fought dozens of robots who were built by a terrorist group called the Zodiac.

I enjoyed watching this series because of its storyline (Iron man is one of the few heroes I enjoy watching) and the slight tension you feel between the breaks. My favourite episode in this series was no doubt the eighth episode, Daughter of the Zodiac. This episode cracked me up at Tony and broke my heart as well; it did both so well and so evenly, I’ll give it a 10/10. It was that good. My second favourite would be the last one… it broke my heart at a few points. *sob* =’(

I really enjoyed this series, it was very appropriate for an Anime show (I know that not all Anime shows are inappropriate but there are a lot of bad shows out there, and this show could’ve been worse as this had Tony Stark as the main character.) I would watch it again if/when I had the time.


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